Milly’s Everything Stained Glass Store

All the items here have been personally selected and recommended by me (Milly Frances). I have tried my best to chose items with quality, durability and cost considerations in mind.


 The videos for sale are my own and are structured using my teaching skills developed over many years of helping students of all abilities learn stained glass. The films have been made in my well lit studio using a high quality HD camera. Because its so important to me that  you can actually  learn from these I guarantee you will be able to see and hear what I teach.


I don't sell any tools or materials directly, the order will be fulfilled by the store on the purchase button. The prices listed were correct when I last looked but make sure you check in case they have changed.


I get a small percentage commission from the seller if you buy any item through these links. But I never recommend products I am not 100% happy with myself. Thanks for your support!